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Westwall Adventure Tours & Retreats

WWA organizes retreats and hiking tours on Germany’s Westwall for teams to connect and engage for a sustainable, competitive advantage.

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The Mission

Our Mission is to Guide Teams Toward a Shared & Purposeful Path By Walking Together on Germany's Westwall.


Here's How we do that:


Walking the Westwall

Our guided walks and multi-day hikes with expert guides and lecturers through Germany's borderland WWII past through villages, vineyards & scenic mountain trails littered with horrible remnants of Dragon's Teeth, hidden bunkers and Panzer ditches draped in flowers illuminates when cooperation fails and how it can recover, fostering perspective and empathy.

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Leadership & Team Building Retreats

Historical insights meet practical team-building exercises with educational and sensory team journeys where you can immerse into Nature yet, feel the weight of history and witness the trimuph of cooperation.  Equip your team with the skills to connect and solve tomorrow's problems with leadership & Team Building Weeks.

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Amplify Nuanced Stories

We amplify past & present division being overcome to motivate and engage your team. 

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Sandstone Scholarship

Build the Future of Connection: We provide funding for displaced war refugees to participate in skill-building trips and leadership in outdoor recreation, both to heal and create new opportunity in their adopted homeland. 

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Why Hiking to Build Teams?

“When we go out and try hard walking together with people we worth with in places of Nature and history, it changes us. And it’s these kind of experiences that transcend boundaries; they carry over from the mountains to the cubicle and eventually to the boardroom.

I firmly believe that teams who get to experience and embrace walking together in a place where the weight of history is present are poised to develop a higher level of coorperation, that they’re more likely to challenge the status quo and be strong leaders and role models for their communities.”

Morgan Fielder, Former Naval Officer and Founder of Westwall Adventures.

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