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Let's Throw Some Bags!

Welcome and thanks for checking us out!  Moving is exciting and living overseas is really amazing, but it can be isolating and scary. 


Fortunately we've tested & proven cornhole to be a sneaky way to meet neighbors, make new life- long friends and have moments of mindfulness in a fun game. Learn from our failures and mistakes.

Morgan & Aaron Fielder
Co-Founders & Creative Directors
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Let's throw some bags

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As the founders of Cornhole Europa, we've spent years living and working around the world (Asia, east and west coast of the USA, Europe, and counting) building relationships and adapting wherever we go through play.
Contact us to learn more about building community through the wonderful game of cornhole, getting equipment in Europe, or finding local clubs, tournaments and games.  Also, take a look at our gorgeous custom boards and ask for a quote if you'd like to get your own.



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