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Scandinavian Cornhole Cruise: Let's Throw Some Bags in Europe!

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

How to Experience Travel in Europe with Fun and Ease!

Cornhole & Culture: Apr 29, 2020 – May 03, 2020

Hamburg, Germany

Thanks to Cornholefreunde Ingelheim and Doloops Cornhole for creating the first ever Cornhole Cruise!

The Scandinavian Cornhole Cruise offers travelers the amazing experience of playing with international cornhole players AND visiting multiple countries all at once. Check Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Kiel & Hamburg, Germany off your bucketlist.  

Timed during the "Fruhlingsfest" time in Germany (Oktoberfest but for the Spring, or Fruhlings) it makes for a wonderful European travel experience. 

A popular festival is located in Stuttgart, Germany (map here). Called the Stuttgarter Fruhlingsfest, it's pure German heaven with rides, beer halls, performances and more. The festival is 3 weeks long and starts 18 April and closes May 10th making it the perfect event to go to either prior to or after the Scandinavian Cornhole Cruise to have a real Cornhole and Culture experience.

Venue: Cannstatter Wasen Stuttgart Mercedesstraße 70372 Stuttgart


Itinerary for the Scandinavian Cornhole Cruise

29 April: the ship will depart Hamburg, Germany 6pm

30 April: day on sea - Cornhole Tournament (organized by Frank who is a genius at cornhole tourneys)

1 May: arrival Oslo, Norway 8 am--Depart 6 pm - 10 Hours to explore Oslo

2 May: arrival Copenhagen 1 pm --Depart 8 pm - 7 hours to explore Copenhagen

3 May: arrival Kiel 8 am.

1. Each cabin reserved will receive a 50 euros drinks credit! Bonus.

2.  The cornhole tournament will be played on "german short boards".  We will post soon a detailed description on our news page on</